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Current Renovation

The renovation of the chapel, which began in 2012 after a lengthy consulation process, is a long-term project.  The first stage of the renovation involved rendering the chapel both air and water tight, before specialists could commence the delicate process of restoring the internal chapels, one by one.

The variety of the original materials used, the techniques employed in the construction, design and decoration of the chapel and the uncovering of its designs, motifs and colours, demand an unprecedented variety of restoration techniques to preserve the integrity of the chapel as much as possible and to enhance the beauty and detail of the ornamentation.


However, the timetable of the renovation work, which is divided into different phases, is dependant on both state funding and private donations.


The renovation of the façade was completed in 2019, restoring to their initial glory both Fabisch' statue of the pietà and the two bell  towers.


The last renovation, of Saint Martha's chapel, which began in February 2020, was completed in september.

The next phase should complete the renovation of the internal chapels, including the northern transept, the chapel of the relics and the access chapel.
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