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Becoming a volunteer at the Chapel

The Hotel-Dieu Chapel is open every afternoon, thanks to our volunteers, who are present for two hours at a time in teams of two and who offer  their time on a weekly or more informal basis. 


Our volunteers are on hand to welcome visitors, to give them practical information and to provide them with some historical, cultural and religous background to the Chapel.  They also ensure the smooth running of the Chapel.


It is thanks to them that the Chapel remains open to visitors and enables all who pass through its doors to enjoy a moment of silence or prayer.


Volunteering in this way offers a wonderful opportunity to meet visitors to the chapel, who come from all walks of life and from across the globe.  Local Lyonnais people, many of whom were baptised here,  are also frequent visitors to the Chapel.


If you would like to contribute to the life of the Chapel and help us to welcome visitors and keep it open to the public, please consider joining  our team of volunteers.  You don't need to be a qualified guide – all that is required is the ability  to make people feel welcome and the desire to meet visitors to the Chapel.

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